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Directions from Lincoln

  1. Start out going South from High Street/B1262 towards St Mark Street.
  2. Turn left onto Portland Street.
  3. Turn left onto Cross Street.
  4. Cross Street becomes Kesteven Street.
  5. Turn slightly left onto Canwick Road/A15. Continue to follow Canwick Road.
  6. Canwick Road becomes B1188.
  7. Turn Left.
  8. Turn Right onto B1189.
  9. Turn left onto Moor Lane/B1191. Continue to follow B1191.
  10. End at Woodhall Spa.

Directions from Sleaford

  1. Start out going North on Grantham Road/B1517 toward London Road. Continue to follow B1517.
  2. Turn Right onto East Gate/B1517. Continue to follow B1517.
  3. Enter next roundabout and take 2nd exit onto A153.
  4. Turn Right.
  5. Turn left.
  6. Turn Left onto A153.
  7. Turn Left onto Witham Bank.
  8. Turn Left onto Church Road.
  9. Keep Right where the roads fork to stay on Church Road.
  10. Turn Right onto Kirkstead Bridge/B1191. Continue to follow B1191.
  11. End at Woodhall Spa.

Directions from Horncastle

  1. Start out going South on North Street/Bull Ring/A153 towards Wharf Road.
  2. Turn right onto Jubilee Way/A158.
  3. Turn Left onto West Street/ B1191. Continue to follow B11911.
  4. Turn Right onto Langton Hill.
  5. Go Straight.
  6. Turn Left onto Stixwould Road.
  7. Turn Right onto Witham Road/B1191.
  8. End at Woodhall Spa.